Friday, 13 March 2015

The year begins now...!

Okie, yes I know we are 3 months into the new year 2015 !!
But I've had it rough these last months and my feet are finally back onto my little purple cloud.

My name is Raffaella - Violet (pronounced Raff-i-ella Vi-let) :P 

I was the girl at school who was bullied, were all bullied and that's what sucks about school. But it did make me tougher because along the way I didn't give a hell what people thought about me. Along the way onto uni I lost myself. Uni is supposed to make people find themselves...

It did the exact opposite to me and its not until now in my epiphany of a moment I realize why. 

And  since my mojo is back here's a little info about what I'll be blogging.

  • Fashion. 
  • Cosplay. 
  • Films. 
  • And just little videos and posts of my life. 
-Trust Faith & Pixie Dust xoxo

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