Friday, 3 April 2015

Disney Princess Dresses For Prom

It's Prom Season !! 

In the spirit of seeing the  Cinderella movie and catching up with some live Runway Shows from Fashion week 2015. It seems a lot of designers have gotten inspiration for their dresses from Disney Princess. In total there are 13 Disney princesses, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa.Technically Elsa is a Queen but she still counts. :)(:

Lets start with the first ever Disney Princess...

  Snow White (1937)
The theme for a Snow White prom dress is coloured flowers.

Cinderella (1950)
The Theme for a Cinderella like Prom dress is soft blues and silver.

Aurora- Sleeping Beauty (1959)
 For a Sleeping Beauty prom dress the colour pink is what your looking for.


Ariel (1989) 
To be the little mermaid from prom its easy just think fish tale dresses. 

Belle (1991)
To be Belle for Prom stick to the traditional dress style and colour from the film.

Jasmine (1992)

To be Jasmine for prom stick to the film and go for a two piece. 

Pocahontas (1995)
To be Pocahontas stick to short nude dresses. 

Mulan (1998)
To be Mulan think traditional Chinese, purples, blues, reds and pinks are best as they stick to the movie colour scheme. 

Tiana (2009)
To be Tiana for Prom stick to layered dresses with forest green colours. 

Rapunzel (2010)
For a Rapunzel prom dress think purple dresses with 3D flower details. 

Merida (2012)
For a Merida prom dress think Brave army greens (see what I did there ;P).

Anna (2013)
For an Anna prom dress think royal colours and jewel tones. 

And last but not least...
Queen Elsa (2013)
If you want to be Queen Elsa just think frosty Blues, let her ice powers be the theme of your prom dress. 

Let me know what Disney princess you would go as for prom and any feedback is welcome :)(:.

-Trust, Faith and Pixie Dust xoxo

Saturday, 14 March 2015

What is a Cosplay?

The definition = A person in which wears costumes and fashion accessories which represent a specific character or idea. 

My best friend has been a Cosplayer for ages, 6 years to be exact. And his bloody amazing at it. I always helped him make his costumes and dye wigs then one year it hit me I actually want to dress up this year at comic-con. 

And in 3 weeks I put together a costume, my first ever Cosplay. Although I didn't make anything, I did dye the wig to make it the exact shade of green I desired. This was the outcome. And for my first ever Cosplay it turned out pwitty good, the response I got was unbelievable. 
May 2013 - London MCM comiccon

Yep, I did a female version of the joker and yes that is a Harley Quinn skull plushie. :)(: 

In the last 2 years I've gone as a few different things, I've gone as a Star Wars Storm Trooper, Female Tin-man (Wizard of OZ) , Female Bane, Harley Quinn and my most recent cosplay at London Comic Con October 2014 was Cruella De' vil.

This year however I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I've chosen an other Disney character. From the beginning of December I had a lot of ideas as to who I would Cosplay the options were... Megra (Hercules),V for vendetta, Zantana (DC Comics), Electra (Marvel Comics) and Mystique (Marvel Comics). Until I did come across something. There is one Disney character who I love and have never seen ever at Comic-con. I haven't told you who I will Cosplay as but I will be making a video dairy of comic con weekend this May. But I have been making my costume this year and can't wait.

And now for some pictures of my favourite Cosplays...

Female Green Arrow. 

Red Skull

Female Captain America

The Tardis 

Monsters Inc

 Hope this helped explaining what Cosplay is:)(:.
And remember to have fun, it's not just about having an awesome costumes that make you stand out it's about being comfortable and having fun be true to yourself and who you cosplay as. Also don't be a dick or bitch to other cosplayers because then you will start a war at comic-con and that is a no no. so just have fun :)  

- Trust Faith and Pixie Dust xoxo

Friday, 13 March 2015

The year begins now...!

Okie, yes I know we are 3 months into the new year 2015 !!
But I've had it rough these last months and my feet are finally back onto my little purple cloud.

My name is Raffaella - Violet (pronounced Raff-i-ella Vi-let) :P 

I was the girl at school who was bullied, were all bullied and that's what sucks about school. But it did make me tougher because along the way I didn't give a hell what people thought about me. Along the way onto uni I lost myself. Uni is supposed to make people find themselves...

It did the exact opposite to me and its not until now in my epiphany of a moment I realize why. 

And  since my mojo is back here's a little info about what I'll be blogging.

  • Fashion. 
  • Cosplay. 
  • Films. 
  • And just little videos and posts of my life. 
-Trust Faith & Pixie Dust xoxo